Digital Signage

Digital Signage

What is a digital signage solution?
Digital signage is an effective and dynamic way to grab people’s attention, deliver targeted advertising and share information in select locations.

Why use digital signs over traditional static signs?
With digital signage, it’s easier to update content any time you need. Control the message remotely, adapt communications to the viewers and interact with the local audience in ways that are relevant to them.

Where can I use digital signage?
Digital signage can be installed in virtually any indoor or outdoor public area such as restaurants, museums, hospitals, colleges and universities, airports, bus and train stations, hotels, houses of worship, and even corporate facilities.

How can digital signage be used?
Applications for digital signage exist within every industry and vary. Use digital signage for:

  • Alerts – News, weather and location-specific information
  • Internal communications – Corporate messages on health and safety, news, events
  • Menu boards – Pricing, photos, ingredients, nutritional facts, specials
  • Brand building – Promote brand identity at business locations
  • Influencing customer behavior: Direct customers to specific areas, broadcast promotions, increase “dwell time”
  • Enhancing customer experience: Demonstrate products, reduce perceived wait time
  • Enriching the environment: Use interactive screens to provide wayfinding, additional information





Durability, quality & long hours of power-saving performance

Keep your customers informed or reach out to employees at any location with live digital signage LCD displays that feature unmatched picture quality and extended monitor life. Flexible, powerful, and easy to install, Mitsubishi’s digital signage LCD monitors are designed with durability, quality and long hours of power-saving performance in mind.


Add Impact with LCD Display Monitors

Our LDT and MDT series digital signage displays bring you high impact point of purchase streaming video, dynamically changing product promotion screens, or consumer information such as traffic and weather. Install individual LCD display monitors, or sync them up in a dramatic video wall or panoramic display. These widescreen digital signage LCD displays will give you long-term extended use with a backlighting estimated to last up to 50,000 hours, plus automatic power saving, and screen saver functions that conserves energy and costs.


Digital Signage LCD Displays Built for the A/V Pro

Professional integrators and A/V installers appreciate our product quality and durability, as well as the built-in message scheduler and how easily these widescreen LCD monitors match the format of your new computers. They’re easy to integrate with control systems and third party touch overlays, and installation is quick and simple with on-screen configuration menu.


Widescreen LCD Monitor Display in HD up to 65-inches

You’ll see clear and vibrant images in native WXGA, 720P or 1080P HD resolutions. Available in a variety of sizes, and with a sleek flat-panel design, Mitsubishi LCD monitors for digital signage display crisp, easy to read information with a high contrast ratio and superior brightness. Outside your establishment to attract attention, or inside to entertain and inform, our digital signage LCD displays are built for long-term performance and easy upkeep.

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