Server Room

When we install server rooms we always put our best foot forward. A server room designed by us reflects us as a company and reflects our client as a business, so we have every intention to make sure that the room looks great, operates smoothly, and causes no issues. Every server room we install or redo comes with a detailed diagram of exactly where each cables goes.


Server Room?

Server rooms provide an easily accessibly central station for the main components of any company. Although a server rack may seem daunting and complicated, it really makes everything around you much simpler when well organized and installed or redone by a company such as ourselves. Any centralized room with enough room can also be created into a partial server room.



What are the Main Benefits?

A small business can become cluttered fast. If a server room had not been planned, you may see a lot of equipment scattered around in the work space. Anything from wires, phone systems, music systems, internet modems, switches, camera systems, and firewalls start to become a lot to manage. So why a server room?

  1. Clear up the work-space by removing all the loose equipment and wires and increasing production.
  2. When all the equipment is centralized and properly installed, repairs or maintenance becomes a great deal easier.
  3. Gives proper cooling to the equipment so that it can operate more efficiently.
  4. Provides alternative power to the whole system allowing for power to be used for a period of time after unexpected events.
  5. Expansion of more equipment.
  6. They look great! A clean server rack is always something to be proud of, it has that successful business look to it.
  7. Server racks come in all sizes which suit most needs.




A server room is important to any type of business and has become almost a necessity, PowerTech can organize all the equipment and centralize everything through our switches, network, management, and professional quality work ethic.

We create detailed mapping of the equipment and wires so we know where everything stands at all times. We provide maintenance work to keep everything on the rack working at peak efficiency and not causing issues.

We always go out of our way to make it one less thing for our customer to worry about and allow us to make a neat, organized, centralized server room.


Have a Server Room but it is Unmanageable?

We fix those! If it looks unprofessional or not done properly, we can change that. Server racks are meant to be neat and easily accessible, if that is not the case you should give us a call. We will make quick work to make that room professional again!