Cyber Security

With the recent high profile and a wide spread computer viruses making headlines its become obvious that the future is now!


What is cyber Security?

Answer:  The term “ Cyber Security “was coined in 1988, as a result of the first registered virus, the  “ Mors Worm” .

The worm caused many computers to slow down, almost to the point they became unusable.


Today’s viruses mostly target business websites and servers, however credit cards transaction became one of the strongest and the most demanded target in retails environment.

Today’s viruses and data bridges became more advanced and sophisticated. Several organizations proved the fact, that the cyber space is not safe.


Why is it that everyone should be worried?

Cyber Crime cost the global economy over 400 billion USD a year! Over 3,000 companies had their entire business compromised by cyber criminals in 2013. Virus attacks are not directed towards any one business, they send these virus’ out in bunches in hopes in getting in to any business they can.

It is important to always stay protected because even if the business isn’t a household name doesn’t mean it wont be randomly targeted. Information like social security numbers, credit cards linked to the business, and even confidential files for patients or customers who have sensitive information on file are all at risk. To be protected helps deter those virus’ and save you a lot of headache.


What are businesses doing wrong?

Networks. It isn’t as easy as putting a anti-virus on all the workstations around the office.

The main weak point that gets infiltrated is the network of the company. 90% of companies worldwide recognize that they are insufficiently prepared to protect themselves! 90%!





How do these cyber criminals keep breaking regular defenses?

With every new innovation comes opportunity for hacking. When centralized cloud storage was introduced it was a good way for criminals to access lots of data if they could just break into that one system.

Today, we are looking at more and more ways to provide the best safety we can while advancements in security increase. It always the best solution to stay up to date with the best quality security you can get and make sure it is updated regularly.



In the event that data gets breached or the network gets disabled by an outside source, it is extremely important to have some security measures in place. Even in the event of a cyber attack, if the network was properly prepared, everything can be recovered and the most you would lose is a little bit of time.

We are sure that losing  little time is better than losing a lot of money or worse, confidential information. These things happen more often that you can imagine, it is why we strongly urge our customers to upgrade and be protected!


How do you prevent from it, and keep you network away from exposure?

Here are some simple, but very crucial procedures to make it happen:

Computers and Server :

  1. Think of you’re posting on Social Media ( confidential personal information)
  2. Make sure to change default passwords on all devices and programs ( especially wearable’s : fitness band, smart watches etc.)

Notes: Make sure  that you are not using simple passwords as: 1234.4321, password, etc.

The Guideline:  lower case, upper case, symbol, number

  1. Use multi-factor authentication – if available ( second password  – dual factor verification )
  2. Make sure the Anti-Virus is installed and up-to-date
  3. Launch patches and updates suggested by the manufacture ( in most cases those are created as improvements of the security)

Mobile Devices:

  1. PIN protect your phone!
  2. Use Biometrics – if available
  3. Limit the App interaction  between other apps on you device ( make sure to limit the cloud interaction to very minimum)
  4. Turn ON the “Device Locator”  ( in case you lose your devices it makes it easy to find)
  5. Use secure system manager (located in you mobile device settings).  To improve security of each app individually.