Cameras are cheaper, more advanced, and easier to install than they ever were before! Now is the time to consider installing a security camera system in your business or home.


What exactly is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and allows for live viewing of cameras and recording footage. With a CCTV system, such as a security camera system, you get a live feed, easy access to replay footage, and the ability to save footage from 1 month prior and export it on an external storage device. Anything the camera can see, you see too!

Why Get a Security Camera System?

  1. Ease of mind – It will give you one less thing to worry about!
  2. Affordability – Cameras have made great leaps to be easily acquired by anybody under any type of budget!
  3. Accessibility – Check in on your business/home from anywhere on your smart devices!
  4. Reliability – Cameras we provide are structurally sound and provide a good blending look to any business/home!
  5. Clarity – Clear quality live picture feed, at 1080p and a great refresh-rate, we know every customer will be satisfied!

Our installations are clean, fast, and professional.

We  make sure to get the best angles so that the customer does not have to worry about any exploitable blind spots. We treat every location like it is our own homes. This means we will make it look good, work soundly, and lift off one weight on the shoulders of our customers.



Network PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras

These cameras come in a “Value Series” and a “Smart Pro Series”. All cameras support a sleek and modern looking dome shape.


Value Series – Contains a large variety of outdoor, indoor, and IR enabled cameras. Quality of MegaPixels range from 1.3MP to 3MP and zoom up to 30x.

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Smart Pro Series – Some cameras allow for hands free adjusting via app or computer. Greater quality, resolution, and zoom than the value series at a larger price. These cameras offer a more modern/future looking style and boast great specs to ensure these cameras will work in all types of varied situations and last for many years.

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Thermal Cameras


Thermal cameras provide excellent night vision visibility in extreme low-light situations.

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Dome Cameras 

Standard cameras with a range of different specifications to satisfy most needs.

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Bullet Cameras

Standard bullet shaped cameras, provides great coverage of an area and is very noticeable. That allows it to help deter possible threats to a business or home.

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Turret/Box Cameras

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Is it Worth it?

Yes, in the worst case, it is easy to extract footage and hand that over to the officials. It also allows for any security  employee to be able to make quick calls to see if someone has been stealing in short amount of time. We have had cases of stolen or purposely destroyed goods being reported and within minutes having proof of the act and footage recorded footage to uphold those accusations.

It is hard today to run even a small grocery store, there are people who will attempt to cause fake injury, steal, use fake means of payment, and antagonize employees in hope for a violent reaction.

Many of these acts are performed after a glance for cameras. Having cameras deters a lot of those crimes, but even if they proceed, it is highly recommended to have a system in place to protect the company from losing unnecessary money.

Why PowerTech?

Cameras have become a crucial part in a business’ day to day functionality. They are a necessity, that has to be properly installed and maintained. We offer services to keep them up and running all year round and to have them installed in a strategical manner that allows for maximum visibility and clarity.

We have been providing excellent service for many years and we will continue to do so.