Business Phone Systems

The brands we install and service : Panasonic, Grandstream, Avaya, Nortel, Yealink, Cisco, Snom, Digium, Polycom, Toshiba, NEC

For any office space or business we will be able to find our customers the best phones for their every need. The goal is to ensure our customers that their phones will work properly and be well maintained all while not having to worry about them, we take care of the little things to make your business or office space run that much smoother.

PowerTech Group of Chicago offers a comprehensive line of business IP phone systems and desktop devices for small, midmarket and enterprise businesses – everything from affordable, entry-level phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with cordless handsets, conference units, and attendant consoles.

PowerTech offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of IP desktop devices. Designed with ergonomics and modern office aesthetics in mind, they gives users easy, intuitive access to the feature-rich telephony and advanced desktop applications.


Hosted PBX

Using a hosted business phone system enabled our customers to say goodbye to capital expenses, maintenance, and service fees. The cloud allows for great call quality, reliability, and easy-to-manage phone system.

Old PBX hardware is slowly becoming a thing of the past, no longer should you worry about wasted IT resources but instead should be at ease knowing you can enjoy new features faster with a hosted PBX. A hosted PBX allows you to add or remove lines in minutes and you will always be up to date with the newest released versions of the software automatically. Hosted PBX requires less from you, while also doing more for you at the same time!

Public Cloud Communications

The advantages for a public cloud platform can be easily described as simple, scaleable, and cost efficient. Its extremely simple because all the hardware and software is managed by your cloud provider. If you need a larger cloud itll scale up and down as your needs change.

Private Cloud Communications

A private cloud can leverage virtualization and converged infrastructure for cloud-like scale and efficiency, but in a private, dedicated system within your own data center. The protected nature of a private cloud provides an extra layer of security and control to meet industry specific compliance requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Communications

A hybrid cloud can provide the best of both worlds: security with scalability, less complexity with more control. With a hybrid cloud deployment, you can find the perfect balance of public and private clouds to meet your needs. It can also provide a convenient path to migration if your rip and replace isn’t realistic across your entire business all at once.

Some Phones we Install


T5 Series IP Phones – The modern phone of an office space. These phones have great flexibility, audio quality, 2MP video camera, and the Android 5.1.1 OS.


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T4 Series IP Phone – Business oriented with a sleek elegant design to fit in any office atmosphere. Some phones utilize a touchscreen display, high quality audio output, and ability to use wireless headset.



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T2 Series IP Phones – This is the budget friendly line. If your needs require multiple phones but cant afford the price of the T4 or T5 series, these are your go to phones. They look good, are very simple, and contains all the features you will need to communicate within the office and to your customers easily.


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Conference Phones – Call quality is the biggest factor when selecting a conference phone. Luckily all of our phones sound great! The phones vary on RAM (Up to 1GB) and Flash Memory (Up to 8GBs) but they all get the job done properly. With each phone containing HD Voice and 3 separate 3-microphone arrays, you can be rest assured everyone in the room will be heard and will be able to hear cleary!

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DECT Phones – These are cordless phones that you can take anywhere around with you as long as you are within range of the base! These provide great mobility if you are running around the office all day. You can connect multiple cordless phones to a single base.

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