Wireless Network


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Wi-Fi technology significantly cut cabling and expansion costs and help employee productivity by enabling employee access to resources when working ‘in the field’ or otherwise away from their desks.

Wi-Fi has become a large asset to many companies and now with more and more Wi-Fi enabled devices being integrated into the workplace it is extremely important to have a suitable WiFi performance for any environment. We offer high performance WiFi that can deal with the ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth being used while having no sign of slowing down. Its extremely important to us that no matter how many devices are actively used, that the customer notices no differences in speeds.

Access Points (APs) are perfect for us to personally customize for cloud management and have exception CPU and memory capabilities to ensure we offer the best service possible for any situation. The radios that we use are able to deliver aggregate data rates of up to 1.9 Gbps, ideal for any application.

Management is a common issue with wireless networks, many consumers are either not able to access the details or simply can’t seem to understand what the screen is telling them. We use built-in tools to enable our customers to be able to access the live remote monitoring and troubleshooting tools that have an emphasis on ease of use. Everything from the small things like utilization and infrastructure health to the fine details like performance measurements and spectrum analysis are also available.


The 802.11ac is the worlds fastest cloud-managed wireless access point specifically designed for high density and next generation deployments.

Using the 802.11ac gives us the ability to provide up to 2500 Mbps WiFi speeds! That is 5 times faster than the previous model! With implemented wider channels allowing for up to 160 MHz of transmittable data it allows for more devices to be connected all at once without any performance falloff.

If you were own one of the previous wireless enviorments such as 11a/b/g/n then the upgrade to the MR53 (802.11ac) is extremely easy and will not need a whole new system.


If you ever complained about slow speeds or lack of bandwidth at any point, the you should consider the 802.11ac.

The 802.11ac will offer you and your business:

  • Speeds up to 2500MBps
  • A large bandwidth that allows for many users to be connected at once with no drop-off. Ideal for businesses.
  • Faster transmitting of data such as large video files or documents, great for the office space.
  • Built in security features that the costumer will not have to worry about.
  • Many features like Auto RF, Air Marshal, Traffic Shaping, and much more!
  • Extremely easy to upgrade!

PowerTech Group of Chicago installs state of the art network system which delivers:

  • Standard 802.11 a/b/g /n /ac coverage over wide areas
  • Centrally managed networks ( wifi controller) with multiple access points.
  • Industry leading security and policy enforcement
  • 24/7 monitoring and management if desired ( email notification as PTG standard )
  • Wireless QoS ( Quality of Service) that enables Voice over Wi-Fi
  • Business-class, secured wireless networks ( according to PCI COMPLIANCE standards. )
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) installations to reduce electrical expansion costs.
  • Guest Access if required ( DENIED ACCESS to confidential business resources)
  • more… ( Ask Powertech Group of Chicago  “PTG”  network engineer for more info).




  • Retail
  • Medical Buildings
  • Business Offices
  • Education Buildings
  • Public Building
  • Residential ( Audio / Video Standards)
  • more…